A new app is highlighting what it means to “BeReal” on social media


Lauren London, Reporter

      BeReal is the newest social media app that has gotten really popular within a very short time.

      “I like how genuine and honest everything is and it’s not like every other social media app where it’s all staged. This one is actually genuine,” Freshman Alyssa Flener said.

     There are so many people trying to convince others to download this app so they can all connect in a new and fun way.

      “My friend introduced it to me and I had heard about it from a lot of other people, plus I was curious about what the app actually does,” Freshman Preston Elliott said.

     The whole point of the BeReal app is to connect with friends and family to see what they’re doing unfiltered.

     “It’s just a fun way to connect with your friends and family without all the pressure of trying to get the perfect picture,” Flener said.

     The app goes off at totally random times so that it can catch people off guard so they don’t have time to get ready and pose.

      “At one point in a day a notification goes off and then it’s time to Be Real so you have two minutes to be on time to take a picture of what you’re doing,” Flener said.