Spring Sports Preparation

Grace Moore, General Manager

  Spring athletics are right around the corner. Teams of all sports are eagerly preparing for the upcoming season with workouts in hopes of becoming faster and stronger. The goal is to be in the best shape possible in order to have the result of the utmost success.

  “Pre-season workouts for soccer are important because they get us back into shape for the upcoming season. Yeah they’re difficult because we run a lot, but I’d rather get my butt kicked now rather than on the field later,” junior Nina Infranca said.

  Preparation for the season is not just all running and lifting. All teams have been honing in on specific skills and muscles movements that will help boost performance during play. The break down of fundamentals has been a main focus this year.

  “We’ve been doing baseball workouts for quite a while now. They mostly consist of focusing in on the little things that sometimes can get lost during the season because it is short and goes by so fast. The running part isn’t too bad because it is usually apart of the drills that we do,” junior Peyton Boman said.

  Healthy diets are an important factor as well on top of the physical preparation. Fueling the body with the correct energy is sometimes over looked at the high school level.

   “This year I’m really trying to eat better. I feel less sluggish when I don’t eat as much sugar and more things like fruit and yogurt. I also like to carb overload before meets when I know I’m going to be exerting a lot of energy,” sophomore Jayme Jackson said.