Michael Jordan or LeBron James?

Kolby Lester

Recently, a new documentary miniseries was released entitled,  “The Last Dance.” It focuses on Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls historic 1997-1998 championship season. Many sports fans across the country and around the world are tuning in to this show, but the documentary is starting to bring back a big debate in the basketball community.

Many see Jordan as the greatest player of all time, while others argue that Lebron James is better. There is no way to fairly judge the two, since they’re from different eras of basketball and played different positions. Still, the question remains: who is better, Michael Jordan or Lebron James?

I made a survey and asked people their opinions on who they think is better, and got around 100 responses. I had people put in their name and age because both players were from different eras and generations, and I wanted to see if a difference in age might have an impact on their responses. 

Not surprisingly, 66% of people voted Jordan as the number one player, and only 34% of people voted for Lebron James. One thing I noticed is that almost all of the people who were older in age voted for Jordan, most likely because they were able to watch him when he played. More younger people voted for Lebron because he is in their generation and era, and some may not have even seen Michael Jordan play basketball.

In conclusion, the majority of people think Michael Jordan is better than Lebron James. Older generations who have seen Michael Jordan play have different opinions than teens and kids today who grow up watching Lebron James.  Ultimately, a consensus can never be truly reached about these two legends of the court; the question of who is better will just be left unanswered forever.