Liberty North Volleyball


Jasadies Clayton

   Liberty North volleyball has won 17 games in the season so far. Compared to last year, winning 3 games, 17 is definitely a huge comeback. With multiple wins, there was one that stuck out to a few players on the team. Grace Reineke, Rachel Spainour, and Taylor Gates all share the same favorite memory from the season.

   “Beating Liberty – it was the first time we beat them in a long time, maybe even in history. The energy was crazy,” Spainour said. 

   It was a huge moment for Liberty North High school because they have never won a volleyball game against Liberty High School. The game ended with a score of 2-1.

   “First time in history. Since they are cross-town rivals, it was very exciting,” Gates said.

   A fair group of people would agree that winning is always a great feeling. However, there’s another half that would say that sports are not all about winning. Then there’s the group in between that agree with both. 

  “Winning is obviously a good part of sports. It is also a great way to meet new people who have the same interests as you,” Gates said.

   This volleyball team will prove that winning is not the only good part about sports when they play Dig For The Cure on Thursday, October 17.  Dig For The Cure is a game to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

   “Thursday game against Liberty, which is a Pink Out for breast cancer, is for people who have lost or have a loved one with cancer. It’s more than just a game,” Gates said. 

   This is a team of hard work and determination. Their coach always seems to push them to try harder in practices.

   “Coach definitely pushes the team but also knows how to have fun,” Reineke said.

   Improving skills is something sports teams always are working on. When improvement is made something can change how the team plays forever. Gates making nearly 1,000 kills within her four years of playing volleyball for Liberty North.

   “Our serving improved. It helped a lot because they are a lot more aggressive now,” Spainour said.

   With volleyball, there needs to be massive communication between players. Liberty North’s volleyball team has been working on that together. 

   “We connect a lot better. Our communication and energy is great also,” Gates said.