Ending of a Chapter

Grace Moore, General Manager

  Endless amounts of sacrifice, long hours of practice and pushing bodies to the extreme, all paid off for many athletes as of yesterday. It was national signing day where many seniors committed to their dream colleges to further their education and athletic careers.

  “It’s hard to believe that yesterday was signing day. I remember watching all the athletes ahead of me come and grow both athletically and as people. It was just kind of a surreal feeling because this time it was actually me down there”, senior Lexi Parks said.

  The signing involved all of the coaches speaking on behalf of their players. Things such as stats, personal traits and records were mentioned throughout the athletic career of the individual. Once everyone was finished, they all signed the letters that so much work went into.

  “The coaches here at North in my opinion are some of the best. Each one is dedicated to their players and helping them reach their full potential when they are passing through their programs. It will be hard not playing for them again but I’m ready for the next chapter”, senior Lexi Parks said

  Family and friends gathered in the fieldhouse to help celebrate such big accomplishments for these athletes. Without the help of those who surround them, they could not of turned their dreams into a reality.

  “Yesterday’s atmosphere was something very special. I’m thankful I got the opportunity to be apart of it and share that moment with those who helped me get to the point of where I wanted to be”, senior Devin Rice said.