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Ella Pritchett, Reporter

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  The class of 2021 has been at Liberty North for about six months, and the transition has been pretty big. Students have to adjust to a new school, new teachers, and new peers.

  “I’ve been adjusting pretty good, it’s not been that different than middle school, but it’s still different obviously because it’s High School. Learning the layout of the school was hard at first, but I got it down now,” freshman Travis Avilar said.

  The students have also had to learn to cope with larger amounts of school work and have learned time management skills.

  “I’ve learned that tests and stuff like that are a little bit harder and that you have to advocate for yourself a little bit more,” freshman Leah Pershing said.

  There are several differences the students have picked up on, including the size difference and the way classes work.

  “Mentally and physically it’s a whole different game. The sports are more intense, the classes are harder, you have more homework now, the halls are a lot more crowded, there are more people, you don’t know everyone. You lose friends but you make more friends. There are so many changes and you just have to go with the flow and eventually you’ll get it,” freshman Garrett Shriver said.

  There are some upsides to a new school, and the freshman are slowly starting to embrace their new school. They are finding where they belong, slowly but surely.

  “North is a lot bigger and has so many more elective options. There’s a bit more freedom in high school and I’ve met so many new people here that didn’t go to my middle school,” Pershing said.

  The class for 2021 is now almost fully adjusted to North, and now they have some lasting advice for the next freshman to come in.

  “Don’t overthink anything. It might be intimidating at first, but if you cool your nerves and really look at the school and the work you do, you’ll see that it’s not that different than middle school. Oh, and obviously go to the home games. No matter which sport is playing, support them,” Avilar said.

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