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Driving to Freedom

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  The most exciting but most dreaded test of any teenager’s existence: The driving test. Filled with so many twists and turns (literally), it can be the deciding factor on how much freedom you have, and where and when you can go places with your friends.

  “I was honestly so nervous for my driving test last year because I had been waiting basically my whole life to be able to drive and wanted to pass so bad” Junior Michaela Alexander said.

  The driving test consists of the basic driving principles but also includes parallel parking and other more difficult skills.

  “The most difficult part was probably parallel parking. I practiced it a lot, but my nervousness made it worse. Other than that I think just remembering to use your blinker for little things” Alexander said.

  For any sophomores getting their license pretty soon, you just need to practice, practice, practice. 

  “If I had any advice for 15-year-olds, it would be definitely practice as much as you can. Ask others who have taken it what to expect and focus on those parts when you’re practicing. If you do that, nothing will come as a surprise on the test,” Alexander said.

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