Humans of Liberty North: Zoe Babb


Olivia Herring, Reporter

Social media can be seen from multiple perspectives. It can be viewed in a good way, a bad way, or maybe even a little bit of both, for example Zoe Babb sees it in both ways.

“You can get information easier, you can check up on your friends’ lives, I honestly see it in both a positive and a negative way. I don’t go on social media and compare myself to others. I just like to look and see what everyone is up to,” Freshman Zoe Babb said.

This is how Babb sees social media, like already stated, this might not be the case for everyone. Social media is a conflicting topic and there isn’t really a right or wrong answer to whether or not it’s a good thing or a bad thing.

“If social media were to be suddenly taken away I think I would react in both ways. I think it would be a good way because I would get to spend time with my family more and pick up more beneficial activities. I do think it would be hard because it’s a common way of communicating with people. I feel like if social media was taken away for everyone the world would be a lot happier because we would all be hanging out with each other and doing other activities that aren’t on our phone,” Babb said

The good thing about social media is it’s really anyone’s choice on whether or not they want to have it on their phone. 

“I spend about 4 hours a day on my phone. About ¾ of the time on my phone I’m on social media.” Babb said.

Social media is really the person’s choice, but it can be difficult when everyone else has it. It’s difficult for people like Babb and other people her age because it’s a main form of communication for most people our age.

“My favorite thing about social media is being able to see what everyone is up to and reconnecting with people. My least favorite thing about social media is I’m on it more than I want to be and most of my time on my phone is on social media,” Babb said

Social media can be difficult, though, because once you have social media it can be very hard to get rid of it. It’s like an addiction.

“I think at the end of the day it’s really your choice on how you want to look at social media. It can be perceived in a positive and a negative way and I think it’s just how you look at it and how you use it,” Babb said.