How Is COVID-19 Affecting Fine Arts?


Ian Grove

Virtual School Days:

As you all know, the world as we know it has changed quite a bit over the past 6 months. The Coronavirus quickly went from a strange disease on the other side of the world to something that could be in your city. In response, most schools have chosen to go virtual for the safety of their students and staff.

Instrumental Fine Arts: One type of class that has had to get creative to adapt to this new world is our fine arts classes. The three I will be focusing on in this article are Choir, Band, and Orchestra. Each of these classes has come up with fun ways to adapt to these times, and keep their students sharp and prepared.

Orchestra: Alysse Trusty is Liberty North’s orchestra teacher. We here at North Nation Media managed to get a hold of her to find out how her classes are adjusting during these trying times. When asked what she was doing to keep her students sharp, Ms.Trusty said “I’m hopeful as a teacher that I can show students how to practice effectively and give them opportunities to challenge themselves outside of the typical school day. I know that despite this situation, my students will come out of this stronger than before”. It seems like the orchestra students are in great hands despite all of our recent turmoil. Ms.Trusy is continuing lessons from home by giving her students individual performances.

Band: Mr.Fuller is North’s band teacher, and when asked how they were adjusting to this new type of classes he said: “We are giving as many playing assignments as possible to give students something to do that could be a stress relief as well as time away from the screen”. Mr.Fuller is taking a very interesting approach to online by having his students step away from their screens in order to get time to play. This is yet another creative way to keep his students sharp and still involved with their instruments.

Overall it seems that Liberty North’s instrumental fine arts programs are still finding ways to adapt to these new and difficult times. As the rest of this year goes on we will see how this works out for both the students and the teachers involved with these classes.