How Candy Corn is Actually Made

Madi Burrow , Reporter

   The ingredients for candy corn are sugar, corn syrup, water, fondant, and marshmallows. This recipe had been the same since the 1800’s.

   Back then the had workers that stirred the ingredients together, now we have machines that do all that for us. A machine fills the trays of the molds with cornstarch, which holds the candy corn in shape. Then every mold is filled partially with sweet white colored syrup that has artificial food coloring. Then the orange syrup, and finally, the yellow syrup. Next the mold cools for about 24 hours until it hardens. Then the tray is dumped and the candy corn is sifted through by another machine, put into bags, and shipped all over the country

Overall they had the right idea about how Candy Corn is made.