Singers Now and Then: A Sing Off

Comparing musical giants Ice Spice and Taylor Swift


   A really good question in the music industry these days has been, “are new artists conquering the news and market or are some older people still dominating it?”
   I’ll be comparing two well know artists: Ice Spice and Taylor Swift. These giants of the music industry have made, and still continue to make, thousands of dollars off of their work.
  Personally, throughout my life, I’ve heard Taylor Swift many, many times. The recent artist known as Ice Spice has also blown up on social media as well. Both artists have had their songs featured on TikTok many times! This has overall furthered their popularity by a large amount.
  Now, personally, I would have to pick Taylor Swift over Ice Spice for a few reasons. For starters, Taylor’s work will always have my favor over Ice Spice’s work. The reasoning is that I just know more Taylor songs in general, not to downplay Ice Spice’s work, though.
  Not only this but also many people like myself have more knowledge on Taylor and her opinions, she stands for many progressive things while I have no idea what topics Ice Spice has discussed.
  So, knowing this, I would 100% have to choose Taylor over Ice Spice. I know more of her songs, I agree with most of her takes, and I just generally relate to her more than Ice Spice. Once again, Ice Spice has incredible amounts of talent and her work is amazing, regardless of my opinion of the topic.