North Fine Arts at MMEA


Liberty North’s fine arts program just recently performed at an event held by MMEA (Missouri Music Educators Association), which is something that requires months of preparation in advance.

“Chamber Orchestra started rehearsals at the beginning of the school year.  We have prepared our program from Aug until our Jan. 25 performance during our 5th hour class time.  Basically we spent all of 1st semester learning and polishing our MMEA program,” orchestra teacher Lynnita Harris said.

The chamber orchestra has been preparing for the program  since august, all for thirty minutes on one given day. There are over 3,000 musical educators that are a part of MMEA, and having North been selected just means that there will be more intense rehearsals.

“In addition to preparing a 30 minute program with their ensemble, directors of the groups selected have had to turn in various forms to the Missouri Music Educators Association through the course of 1st semester.  We were kept to a timeline to submit things like program literature, pictures, ensemble and director biographies, history of school program, and seating charts for the Salons where we would perform,” Harris said.

While there is work to be done on the side of the chamber orchestra, the director has the responsibility for putting together a program that has enough time for each piece and includes extra time for audience reactions.

“Each director is responsible for a 30 minutes program that includes the introduction of the ensemble and making allowances for applause between pieces.  The penalty for running past your allotted time is that your school is ineligible to  perform at MMEA for 2 years.  Directors chose the literature that best showcases their ensemble within the 30 minute time limit,” Harris said.