Liberty North Blood Drive

November 28, 2018

Students at Liberty North had the opportunity to donate blood during school this past week to help save lives, an opportunity provided by students interested in the medical field and involved in PLTW courses.

“It was fun. It was interesting because I’ve never witnessed people give blood before, so it was interesting to see people’s’ different reactions to it and what happens with the blood drive because I’ve never experienced it before,” junior Kaylin Robinson said.

Robinson is one of the students who worked the blood drive last week, and a lot of preparation went into putting the blood drive on this year.

“We prepared for it by having meetings before school on three different days. We talked about all of the different jobs that we had to do to make sure that everyone was covered and no one was going to get sick and no one was going to be there. We made sure everyone knew what they were doing and all the safety precautions were covered,” Robinson said.

The work that went into the blood drive allowed so many students to be able to donate, some of them for the first time this year. The workers even donated blood before the whole process got up and running.

“I thought working the blood drive was very fun. I got to hang out with my friends and I actually got to give blood for the first time. I was rejected last year. I felt fine until the end and it actually didn’t take that long, I was expecting to be there for a while,” senior Makenzie Gibson said.

The blood drive hosted at Liberty North encouraged so many students to donate because they could donate during school hours. Students really came through and were willing to donate for those in need.

“I think it was really successful because we had a lot of people donate blood which was really good and it seemed like there was a lot of people interested in donating for a good cause, which was to save lives, which I think is good because we’re spreading awareness to help people,” Robinson said.

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