Hosa’s Hurricane Harvey Fundraiser


Hurricane Harvey hit the coast of Texas almost a month ago, and our very own HOSA club here at LNHS put on a fundraiser to help the victims affected.

“Hosa raised a total of $739.43 for the hurricane victims in Texas for Harvey,” junior Anthony Garcia said.

The club was able to achieve this total by collecting change all throughout last week and advertising with posters and KNET news.

“We had about ten members help with set upĀ and advertisement, so that was through KNET, posters, flyers, stuff like that. For collection, all throughout the school, we had two people collect in each hallway, so we had about 16 people help with that,” Garcia said.

Members of HOSA signed up to work the fundraiser with no specific goal in mind, but the student body really stepped up when it came to making donations.

“I made posters and helped collect donations. I feel like Hosa’s advertising helped a lot and putting it on KNET was a great way to get the word out. Students were really generous, they gave away anything they could and it really paid off,” junior Gabby Hightower said.

The money raised by HOSA and the students of LNHS will be sent to a local Red Cross by the sponsorĀ of the club and directed to the victims of Hurricane Harvey to help aid in their relief.

“Mrs. Williams is sending the check for $700 to our local Red Cross with a specification of where we want the money to be directed to, so they can decide however they want to use the funds, but it will be directed from our Red Cross to the Red Cross in Texas,” Garcia said.