Halftime Show 2023


   R&B artist Rihanna performed for the 2023 Super Bowl LVII. She showed up in an all-red jumpsuit with a shiny red bustier. Rihanna started the performance on a high-rise mini stage followed by 2 other mini stages with dancers.  All of the dancers were wearing white outfits from head to toe. 

   She performed 9 of her most popular songs. Ranging from 2007 to now. She opened with “B Better Have My Money” and ended with “Work.” In between she included Diamonds, Needed Me, and Only Girl. 

   She later reveals she’s pregnant, 3 months postpartum with her 2nd child. Rihanna and A.S.A.P. Rocky confirmed Rihanna’s pregnancy after the show. 

Some audience members claimed her performance was tasteless and boring. “Her backup dancers did better than her. ” some fans would say. Most of the songs performed were fan favorites.

   “I’m still pinching myself,” Rihanna says in Kevin Fraizer’s interview with Rihanna.