G Eazy Concert Review


Baileigh Arant, Lifestyle Editor

G Eazy is by far one of my favorite rappers to listen to, so when I found out he was going to be at the Granada, I made sure to buy tickets the minute they went on sale. Having to buy the tickets two months in advance was definitely hard for me knowing that I would have to wait that long to see him. The trip to the concert was pretty interesting considering I wasn’t too good with Siri’s directions, but luckily I had a friend to help with my struggles. After driving about an hour and a half, finding a parking spot, and having to wait in line for 2 hours, we finally made it to the theater. We managed to push our way to the front of the crowd as we all wait for it to start. Jay Ant, Iamsu, and E 40 all performed and the crowd was so compact and hot that everyone was mad and it was hard to breathe. There were a couple fights between some people that were pretty entertaining to watch. But once G finally came out in his all black outfit, the whole mood changed. No one was thinking about how uncomfortable, hot, or crowded the place was anymore, but how perfect G Eazy was. He sang so many songs, and really worked the crowd, which was cool. Halfway through the show, he left the stage and had a pretty sweet wardrobe change transitioning to all white. The lights and backdrops were really cool and just added to the already chill atmosphere. With the whole crowd dancing and belting out every word to every song, people were very sad to see him leave. But of course he wasn’t done, and came out and did a perfect encore. He closed the show with the song “Loaded” and filled the entire place with smoke and confetti. Once he finally finished it didn’t seem like anyone wanted to leave because the DJ came back out and we all chilled for a little longer. I took a few pics with Jay Ant after the show and walked around downtown Lawrence for a little bit. Overall, the night was everything that I expected, and I will for sure be seeing G Eazy again.