Crisp and clean–the iPhone 7


Karlee Kent, Reporter

   With the release of the iPhone 7, many students will be excited to get the newest iPhone available.

   “I am interested in getting the new iPhone 7. I like how the phone is thinner. I also like the increased battery life and improved memory,” sophomore Madeleine Sevier said.

  The battery of the iPhone 7 can last up to 2x the battery life of the iPhone 6. It also comes in black or jet black and the option of space gray has been taken away.

  “I know that’s there’s two new colors, the storage sizes have gone up, and there’s no headphone jack. It has this thing called the A10 chip, so it’s faster or better. It has better color; a better camera,” sophomore Sadik Mohamed said.

  The iPhone 7 will have an entirely new camera, and if you get the iPhone 7 plus, it will have two cameras that shoot as one. It will also have a brighter, more colorful display and 3D touch. The A10 chip will make the iPhone 7 2x faster than the iPhone 6 with a longer battery life.

  “I am not planning on getting the new iPhone 7 because my current phone is newish. What phone is that you may be asking? I have the iPhone 6. I would by the new headphones if I did get the iPhone 7 because headphones are crucial,” senior Chris Rogers said.

  The new iPhone 7 will come with the option to purchase AirPods for an additional fee of $159 or there is a headphone jack adapter included so you can use your old headphones.

  “I think the Airpods look really cool, but knowing myself, I’d probably lose them,” junior Kylee Oxler said.

  When you purchase your iPhone 7 there will also be a set of EarPods with a lightning connector if you don’t like the idea of the AirPods. Many people have a strong opinion on the earbud options, but others think the iPhone 7 just isn’t a good idea.

   “Usually when a new iPhone comes out it has glitches and I don’t want to mess with that and my phone works perfectly fine,” junior Timothy Davis said.

  It’s possible the new iPhone will have glitches, but is also said to be faster. It will have faster LTE, iOS 10, and be water resistant.

  “The iPhone 7 is probably better than the 6 because since it is newer I would imagine quicker, lighter, and thinner,” senior Chris Rogers said.