Exavier Hennessey , Reporter

Band is fun for some people, but for others it is not. Band is a class that allows students to play instruments, such as drums and clarinet, which most students think would be fun.

“Band is kinda fun because it is easy. It is something that I thought about doing but, I changed my mind. Then, my parents forced me to join concert band, which is a little more difficult, but not by much,” freshman Alec liska said.

Band is for people that like to be with people, have fun, play, and do new things every day. There are some people that think band is fun because of the teacher or the instruments. The instruments students might be familiar with are the ones they have always played, because they have been in the class for so long they have had experience with band so they know what to look forward to.

“I think band is fun because of all of the different types instruments that you can learn. Also the fact that we can take our instruments home to practice then we all come together, and we sound like we are pro’s, and the room is filled with Christmas stuff. There’s a giant tree in the middle of the room that is lit up with white lights and red bulbs right in front is a piano that is painted black and there are risers around the room for the choir,” sophomore Eduardo Gomez said.

So depending on who the student is and what you play, band can be fun.