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Wicked Weather

Mackenzie Thompson, Reporter

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Living in the Midwest, Liberty North students see all kinds of weather. From driving in fog, ice storms, and snow students are put up to the test when driving to and from school.

  “I drive pretty well in bad weather, but there are times when my car slides and I’m not used to it, It’s pretty scary,” Senior, Cheyenne Wooten said.

  For being used to all kinds of weather changes, like sunny one day and snowy the next, our Eagles have to be ready for any driving condition.

  “The worst weather to drive in is probably fog. You can’t see anything and at least in the snow you can see,” Junior Olivia Goodmon said.

  For people learning how to drive or even just starting to drive on your own, it can be a scary winter for these newbies.

  “I almost died like six times just trying to turn, it was so scary when you can’t see where the ice is,” Junior Parker Overby said.

  Some would say traffic in general is terrible. Add on bad weather and you’ve got a recipe for disaster here at North.

  “Traffic effects bad whether because people often don’t take the conditions as serious as they should, which leads to car accidents,” Senior Carter Rocha said.

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