What the Library Offers

An interview with Mrs. King!


The library offers many resources for every student, from the music room to the VR headset.

“We’ve gotten a lot of students with flex, which has been great since we get more kids. I would say our readers have been using the library lately. We’ve seen a lot of students check out books, return books, and do subscription services, so that has really gone up in the past 2 years,” Co-Librarian Mrs. King said.

Students with an interest in education often use the resources the most, but the library doesn’t limit the resources to just those students.

“It depends on grade level, we see more usage from students who are more serious about education, who are going on to further education. We see more usage because it gets a little more important, especially with our AP students and our higher level classes,” Mrs. King said.

The resources are open to anyone, all you have to do is ask!

“[…] Anytime anybody ever wants to ask us we would allow that. When it was covid time we would zoom with kids, so we will make it happen. Some kids come and ask some are still intimidated and we want to remove that barrier,” Mrs. King said.

The library has many unique options for students and some aren’t getting used. 

“I just want to encourage the reader to come out, we have so many resources that we want to see them using. We wish we had more rooms, but we don’t. Please don’t ever be intimidated,” Mrs. King said.