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Valentine’s Day Mix Up

Grace Moore, General Manager

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   Every Valentine’s Day our newspaper class has a box contest like we use to do in elementary school. I believe it is completely and utterly rigged because for a solid two years I have spent at least an hour of my life decorating hardcore. Last year I made a minion from Despicable Me and it was the cutest thing ever, yet somehow I still lost. On top of that I didn’t even get any recognition. This year I thought it was going to be different and had some hope that we would have judges that knew what they were talking about. I heard them giving my cute little penguin so many compliments so I assumed I had the win in the bag. Higgs came in with the final ballot and I already started doing my victory dance. The most weirdest of course went to Evan with his messed up panda and nails. The most unique went to Mackenzie and her toilet which was well deserved. Then came the moment I was waiting for the whole day…. the cutest box. I was waiting for her to say the word penguin but it never came. The only thing she said was pig. I lost to a pig. Now I know for sure that our box contest is a joke. All I have to say is I have one more year to win a category and I promise it will happen. Grace Moore will be crowned a champ.

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