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Q&A with sophomore John Cooper on all things Screaming Eagles related!


Q: What is it like being a part of the Screaming Eagles marching band?

A: Being in the screaming Eagles marching band is fun, you get to see a lot of different talented men and women play really well on instruments. You also get to be in fun activities like dumping water on the drum majors when we finish band camp.

Q: How much practicing and conditioning go into creating the halftime show?

A: We practiced for about 2 months in the morning at 7 a.m. There’s a lot of work that goes into getting the halftime show perfected like doing work on our own and making sure we pay attention and have other people reviewing our work to make it better.

Q: Is it difficult to march while playing instruments?

A: It’s difficult for the first few times being in the band but you get used to it and we build up to working with instruments. For example, we learn where we need to go on the field and then start doing it with instruments in hand and practicing a lot.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about being in the band?

A: My favorite thing about being in the band is being able to play cool music and being able to learn how to play an instrument. Another favorite is that every section is like a family so everyone respects and helps each other out whenever someone needs something.

Q: Do you do the dances with the instruments in front of the student section?

A: I don’t, I wish I could though because it’s a cool thing to be a part of. I play alto saxophone so we don’t get to do it, the trombones, however, do that, and they spend more time after school and before the game to practice the trombone suicide.

Q: Is there any extra music or a special piece we should be expecting for this week’s halftime show?

A: We have one more piece of music and drill that we have to learn for the halftime show so we’ll be practicing a lot since another band competition is coming up soon and we have to have it all learned. The music we haven’t played is one of my favorite pieces, so I’m excited to see how it turns out.

Q: Anything more you want to say about the band:

A: We need more saxophones so if you’re interested please join.

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