Northland Model UN Conference


Sophia Aubrey, Reporter

Model United Nations is an extracurricular activity that many schools provide, including Liberty North. With Liberty North’s access to a vast amount of resources, it hosted its own Model UN conference.  

  “We’re students that dedicate our time to learning about the UN and simulate it. We go to big conferences every year, but not every school can because it’s expensive or because they don’t have enough people. We wanted to have something more local and accessible for schools, so we hosted our own conference here at Liberty North. It was pretty small but it did turn out pretty well,” Junior Olivia Walker said.

   Model UN conferences are created to be a mock of real UN conferences which have many different aspects and people involved.

   “We had three different ‘agencies’ or commissions. I was in charge of and ran the Commission on Population and Development.  We talked about migration  and children in developing countries and then they came up with a solution on how to fix it. They wrote up their plan, voted on it, and everything,” Walker said.