Is BeReal taking over?


   BeReal is an app popular today with some older teens and young adults as a way to show themselves in an authentic way. Authenticity is something that typically lacks when talking about social media. 

   “BeReal is such a fun way for me to connect with my friends through the day in a realistic way,” freshman Gavin Elizalde said. 

   BeReal is different from other apps because it gives the aspect of surprise, there’s no getting ready for these pictures. The pictures need to be taken within 5 minutes of the notifications being sent.

  “This type of app feels like it won’t last long, it’s possible that it will only be popular for a few more months,” Junior Alison Fong said. 

   Previous apps like BeReal typically lasted less than a year, when the fun aspect of the surprise wears off notifications will probably become ignored and the app deleted entirely to clear space in the phone. 

   “I get bored with apps so easily. I personally don’t see this lasting long on my phone,” Fong said.

  Sometimes app creators try to up the design or opportunities within the app. Like the popular game Among Us, it may eventually fall from the older age groups into the younger ones.          

   “BeReal is meant to be a here and now app, but keeping up with it and not being able to post whenever you want becomes boring,” Fong said.

   BeReal has a fun aspect to it that appeals to people and causes the hype to spread among their friends and family. 

“I have all my friends on BeReal and even my family members. It’s funny watching my mom and sisters post on the app,” Elizalde said.