HOSA Glenn Nyberg Picnic

HOSA Glenn Nyberg Picnic

Karlee Kent, Lifestyle Editor

   This year HOSA is putting on a life-saving fundraiser with a fun twist.

   Hopefully it’s just going to be a fun, goofy carnival that we can put our stamp on as HOSA and say ‘this is going to be our tradition in Liberty North’ and also get the community involved because we’re going out, we’re going to the elementary schools and middle schools and inviting the entire district to come to this carnival and enjoy with us,” senior Olivia Carlile said.

The club is hoping to raise enough funds not only to provide the medical supplies needed but also the medical training required to keep the health post running.

   “The main goal is to provide funds to the Pat Lee Nepal health post that one of my friends actually built and all of the funds that we raise will go towards flying citizens from the village back to America so that they can pursue basic nursing training and will be sent back over to treat patients,” junior Anthony Garcia said.

Donations have begun before the club even sets up for the carnival.

   “We’re trying to break even prior to the actual event so that all the proceeds that we receive at the picnic go straight to the project rather than reimbursing us for the wages that we lost. As of right now, we have about $3,100 that’s dedicated to the project and basically, that happened through people in HOSA asking places they worked and also we received a big donation from Dermatology and Skin Care Center. They donated $1,000 and we also had a Chipotle night, which they gave us 50% of the proceeds,” junior Anthony Garcia said.

This unique fundraiser will have an impact on Liberty North students and an even more significant impact on the village of Nepal.

   “This is a really cool project because we always do fundraisers here, but in Nepal, the average salary over there is under a $1,000 a year, so what may seem like an insignificant amount over here, once translated into Nepal’s currency, can be life-changing. We’re able to provide the equivalent of almost $80,000 there with $3,000 here. We’re able to see a big impact right away because they’re able to send us pictures and everything,” junior Anthony Garcia said.