Don’t Worry, Every Thing is Going to be Alright.

It’s a new year for everyone at North and everyone has new classes and a new brand of stress. Stress is something that comes with being in school, from tests to people. There are ways for students to limit and help release that stress.

“For students to limit their stress they can do so many things but some may include: creating to-do lists and check the item off when they are done, prioritize their academics and social life to find a balance that works for them, make an evening schedule to make sure each item can be done, filter their social media posts before they submit, make time to do something you enjoy, etc.” North councilor Jill Brock said.

For freshman, high school can be particularly stressful, they don’t know what to expect from most of their teachers. The workload from middle school to high school can also put stress on freshman.

“Freshman year was stressful at times because of time management and the different assignments and their length, if you do a sport at the same time it can add to the stress.” Sophomore Eion McKenna said.

High school can be stressful but things can be done to manage all the stress from your classes and high school in general. One thing that is often recommended is too making sure that you properly manage when you’re doing your work, don’t put everything to the last minute.

“Find a fun 5-10 minute timeout activity to relieve stress and communicate with their resources. Talk with your parents, teachers and counselor before it gets out of hand. At school we are here for you to succeed. New experiences are going to happen and things may get overwhelming. You are not in it alone and you have help here at school to help!” Brock said.