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Kendall Steinmetz
Kendall Steinmetz, reporting for duty! This 2015-2016 school year as a junior is pretty darn awesome-possum, if I do say so myself. This year, I am the Lifestyle section editor for Eagle’s View. Outside of running around finishing stories and pages, I continue to run mid-distance for track. Along with being the chair of the PR committee in STUCO, I also am involved in DECA, Student Ambassadors, Key Club, Cupcake Appreciation Club (Yes, it is real. And yes, it is as amazing as it sounds) and more.

Way back when, I decided to join newspaper because I love creative writing. Communication Arts has always been a favorite subject of mine but it can be difficult to write what you want when smooshed between the two boulders of time and curriculum necessities, (I mean, who really needs parallel sentences when you can write about whatever your brain can conjure up?). I wanted to write about fashion trends and health secrets and DIY this or thats and after a year of reporting, I am now the section editor for the section that does just that on the daily!

After highschool I am looking to attend UMKC or the University of Missouri. While there, I hope to earn my MBA with a possible minor in fashion marketing. I am striving to be an entrepreneur of my own company which produces amazing, yet modest, clothing to help teach girls their worth is not in how much skin is on display. I want my brand to show girls that modesty does not mean frumpy or unfashionable, and instead, beautiful and classy. Part of the company’s proceeds will go to a charity (right now I’m looking into providing uniforms for kids in third-world countries so they may attend school and flee from poverty) so I can help serve as much as possible while still residing in the intriguing world of business.

Kendall Steinmetz, Lifestyle Editor

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