Girls First Meet of the Season Goes Swimmingly

Karlee Kent, Reporter


 At their first meet of the season, the girls swim team was cheering one another on and they’re using their results to set even more challenging goals for the future.

  “I think as a team we all did amazing. Everyone swam so well and cheered each other on, which is really cool. I think all the relays did great; getting super close to the state cuts,” freshman Bryn Mattes said.

  With a positive outcome at their first meet, the team is optimistic for the rest of the season.

  “Our first meet last year we weren’t nearly as fast as we were on Tuesday. Having good times this early will set us up for a fast season,” sophomore Ashlyn Pope said.

  Working well together as a team is as important as doing well as an individual, so the swim team focuses on both.

  “I feel like Liberty North went out with a great start to the season. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the season has in store for us. This meet was our ‘setting place’, we all can only improve from here and get faster and faster,” freshman Kate Huyser said.

  All in all, encouragement and team spirit seem to be important factors to the swim team’s success, along with practice.

  “I think that I did well as an individual, but I have lost of things to improve on throughout the season. I think that our team spirit is going to help encourage us throughout the season. We try to cheer everyone and go out and have fun,” sophomore Madeleine Sevier.

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