Super Bowl Series?


   Everyone was tuning in to see the Philadelphia Eagles, and Kansas City Chiefs face off and determine who will be crowned the world champions. But, what if one game wasn’t all it took?

   I think we can all agree that Super Bowl LVII was a great football game. Chief’s fans were on the edge of their seats hoping for yet another Super Bowl title, and the whole nation witnessed a brotherly battle between Travis and Jason Kelce. It was incredible watching these two talented teams compete but I can’t help but wonder why the Super Bowl only consists of one game. Unlike the NFL, NBA, MLB, and even NHL championships are all played as a best-of-seven series. So, what if the Super Bowl was a multiple-game series, maybe not seven because of its rigorous demand of the body but what if, three games? Wouldn’t the best team win multiple games instead of just one lucky win? 

   Football is a very intense sport that consists of rough play, injuries, and lots of tackling. This aspect of the game conflicts with the idea of the Super Bowl being a three-game series. The weeks in between games are essential for the athletes to remain healthy and continue to play at their best. If the Super Bowl was made up of three games, each taking place on three consecutive Sundays there might not be enough time for significant players to recover from past injuries.  

   The Super Bowl is the third most-watched event in history with an estimated 113 million people watching this year alone. Imagine how much income the NFL could gain from producing more commercials and viewers. Furthermore, the fan base would be happier to watch more football and have an excuse to visit family and friends. This would also decrease controversy over bad calls in the game. If there were multiple games, it would provide many chances for each team to showcase their talent.