Look Like a Beauty, Wrestle Like a Beast

January 23, 2020

   3, 2, 1 BEAST MODE. Women’s wrestling at Liberty North high school has only been around since 2018. From having 12 girls from last year to 18 this year, the competition is more fierce and shows how many girls can do a guy sport as well as they can. With this year being bigger than last year, women’s wrestling is working to be the best to show that more people can come and join to be themselves. 

   “It showed me a new mindset of anyone can do anything and helped me get stronger. With winning my first dual at Central KC, it felt so good that my adrenaline was kicking and I was ready to not quit,” freshman Delaney Moore said.

Sports can change a person’s life, but wrestling has techniques that people can use even to help get out of a situation. With sports, it can boost your confidence and self by showing how you can be in that certain sport. Wrestling has shown these girls how they are and how it can change them.

   “Wrestling makes me more confident and keeps me in shape when it comes to practice, I like learning new moves cause it gives me more experience and makes me more ready during a tournament. With bigger matches, it shows me to be prepared and for small ones it shows me that it is just practice for the near future,” sophomore Kierra Martin said. 

Wrestling was meant for boys but with having new years coming and going, women are starting to wrestle and showing that they can do any sport the same. With wrestling, people can show how they feel and how it can change their life and career of how they do.

“Girls wrestling is a new sport for girls that is really new to our generation so we are basically making history along the way. But it also helps you with college scholarships and makes you feel more secure about yourself. With me, wrestling changed me and it helped me become stronger and more aware that girls can do any guy sport,” sophomore Madelyn Hartman said.

   Having tournaments, duals, and matches can be high competition or practice. This year, women’s wrestling had the biggest tournament of this year, with many schools around the United States. With having a tournament like this, the girls get a look at what it could be in the future and what they need to work on.

   “We had a big tournament, January 3rd and 4th in Columbia, Missouri. Over 56 schools had competed with bringing their all. It was a tough competition but I brought it my all. It felt good to get that type of experience and get to know how my senior year might be.” junior Jae Bryant said.

   Being in a sport, you get to always have your first experience of making your first big move. With one senior on the team is their second year, having her first experience is out of this world. Working with different grades and only one senior can be difficult with much pressure on just one senior.

   “I won my first match at a last-minute tournament in Lathrop, Missouri on a Monday in January. I was the only girl who hadn’t gotten a pin yet, and when I did a double-leg shot, I got the girl straight onto her back and sunk a half to keep her there and I felt so proud of myself. All of my teammates were cheering for me, my heart was happy,” senior Makayla Armstead said.

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