Football Senior Night

October 25, 2018

   Football. Senior year. Last home game. Playing for those with cancer. A lot on the line. October 12, 2018, was senior night for football and it was also ‘Defeat All Cancer’ night. Every player had to pick a person to play for who has or had cancer. Seniors Tyler Eckersley and Brady Pohl played for people that have affected their lives. Junior Keshawn Turner played for his grandma. 

   “It affects my game because I wanted to play super hard and I wanted to win for her. What was going through my head was like I wanted to win to help us for the playoffs but then also I was like I wanted to do it for everyone who went through cancer or who someone’s life who has been affected by cancer. We were playing for something more,” Turner said.

   Turner still has another year left in high school, another year to play football, another year with different players.

  “It’s gonna be sad losing our seniors because just knowing what we went through for the last 2 years and them being gone is just crazy. It kinda hurts because I’m gonna miss them, gonna miss them on the team, and it’s just not gonna be the same anymore,” Turner said.

   “I play for my grandma every game but that game was really important to me to play really good for her and it felt good to win player of the week and I felt like I did deserve it because I played good that week, so it just felt good to be recognized by the coaches,” Eckersley said.

  Like most seniors, Eckersley isn’t sure about what his plans for after high school look like.

   “I’m thinking about playing football in college but I don’t know if I will. I mean I could but I just don’t know, we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. But this year I have tried to leave it all out on the field every week, from week to week so when I go home I can look at myself in the mirror and say that I played good,” Eckersley said.

   Brady Pohl played for his good friend Daniel McAninch.

  “Playing for Daniel affected my game just because there was a more to play for, rather than it just being a game,” Pohl said.

   Pohl is also undecided about his after high school plans.

   “I do plan on continuing football after high school it just kinda depends on how everything works out, hopefully in the right way. I don’t really know where I want to go yet, it’s a work in progress.  But senior year goes by really fast and I wish that it didn’t, it kinda sucks. Even if I play football after high school, this is the last time with this team,” Pohl said.

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