Elevating School Spirit

November 8, 2019

   264 – That’s the number of students that signed up for the spirit bus to go see the Liberty North Eagle football team gain another victory over Lee Summit. 

   “It was crazy to be able to take five busloads of the kids in high school that want to get on a bus and go to a game. I mean, that’s insane,” head football coach Greg Jones said.

   With many students coming to home games, Student Section Coordinator Ryan Dahm brought up the idea of spirit buses for away games. He tried out this idea when the team traveled to Lee Summit. 

   “The turn out was crazy. We had a larger student section than Lee Summit did. It was nuts. We have a perfect mix of school pride and a winning football team that has sparked immense involvement by the student body to begin building traditions that we hope to last for years to come. The freshmen have stepped up and are showing out in large amounts to every game, but they definitely brought the most to the spirit buses,” Dahm said. 

   With energy in the student section, it helps most players on the field as well. Part of why there are so many students showing support is as of November 7 the football team is 10-0, so most students are coming to see the team get another victory. 

   “With the student section being so big, I think it gives the players energy because you have a bunch of people there rooting for you and cheering you on. So when you do something good or when we need support it’s just loud and it just shows that you got people behind you. It’s a great feeling,” Jones said. 

   Most players have noticed a change from last year. While they are playing they can hear the student section cheering behind them. 

   “This year has been night and day difference than last year. There are so many more people that are there. Everyone’s louder and it’s a lot better overall. The Hype is so real like it just helps everyone propel their game and wants to play better for everyone that’s there and it brings the energy up of the team. Overall it helps the teamwork together,” junior safety Connor Baxley said. 

   The student section has had more students than ever before. With over 2,000 students at Liberty North, the student section leaders found an easier way to communicate information about upcoming games and themes through twitter. 

   “We have used the Twitter account and have been promoting it more on social media by retweeting it or posting it on their story and just getting the word out,” student section leader Nate Chester said. 

   Along with using social media to promote events, the leaders along with Mr. Dahm, came up with more ideas to get students involved.

   “The other leaders and I are really dedicated and really involved. We have meetings where we come up with ideas. We made T-Shirts for our crosstown rivalry game that are all white and say ‘The Navy’ with a logo style similar to Supreme’s. We came up with ‘The Navy’ as a brand for the student section,” Chester said. 

   The student involvement has been greater this year than in most previous years. With more students in the student section and more participating in the spirit days. 

   “As the Navy has grown, our school spirit and culture has changed as it provides an opportunity for every student to be involved in our school and activities,” Dahm said.

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