Welcome Back To Apocalypse


Hi, I’m Bryson Prindle. I’m a junior here at LNHS and this is Prindle’s Perspective. Here I will talk mostly about things going on with movies, games, and other stuff that I enjoy. You can expect a lot of talk over Fortnite updates, and new Fallout content (Most likely 76), as well as Marvel, DC, and Star Wars movies or tv series.

Back in 2008 Bethesda Softworks released Fallout 3. One year later they released a DLC(Downloadable Content) for the game titled “The Pitt”. Now, 14 years later, Bethesda has brought The Pitt back for another round in Fallout 76’s tenth major update under the same name. Let’s see if this new update is enough to fix Appalachia. Grab your Geiger counter and get stocked up on Rad-Away because it’s about time to “Crawl out Through the Fallout” and explore this not-so-new wasteland.

Before we talk about Fallout 76’s Pitt we need to talk about Fallout 3’s DLC. The Pitt was released on March 24, 2009, and took place in the decimated, post-apocalyptic ruins of what was formerly Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Now the city wasn’t hit directly by the bombs during the Great War. However, it was affected by the highly irradiated water of its nearby rivers resulting in its decay. The occupants suffer from radiation poisoning and have become mindless creatures called trogs. The entire population is composed of either slaves or overseers. To make a long story short, you learn of The Pitt from a distress broadcast from someone named Wernher. He asks for your help in liberating the slaves there. You then have to enter the Pitt as a slave and work your way to freedom. This leads to a meeting with the leader of The Pitt, Ashur. In the end, you are given the choice of siding with either Wernher or Ashur. This entire DLC gives about four to five hours of gameplay.

Now Fallout 76’s Pitt is a lot different than the OG Pitt. It was released on September 13, 2022. Its setting is the same except for the fact that it takes place far earlier. While Fallout 3 takes place 200 years after, 76 takes place only 25 years after the bombs blew America to kingdom come. 76 also doesn’t give a whole new 5 hours worth of story. Instead, we got something called expeditions, in these “expeditions” you go to The Pitt and do one of two repeatable quests instead of one long main quest with a couple of side quests along the way. Both 3 and 76 bring new stuff to the game. They both bring the Auto Axe, trogs, and a new type of raider into the game, but only 76 brings a new power armor, Union Power Armor. For comparison, the best power armor in the game, T-65, grants 565 damage resistance, 470 energy resistance, and 470 radiation resistance. Union on the other hand grants 485 damage resistance, 295 energy resistance, and 265 radiation resistance. So it’s not the best but it is pretty good.

Was the nostalgia worth it? Was this update enough to fix the game? Well, I think it has already been relatively fixed since Wastelanders. However, at this point, I don’t think it matters. Now that Fallout 5 has officially been announced 76 might just get abandoned. Although, we do have Nuka-World On Tour coming out this winter. Plus Fallout 5 is set to be released after The Elder Scrolls 6, which won’t release until after Starfield in 2023, setting the release year at about 2024 at the earliest. So hope still remains for good old Appalachia but either way, have fun and as The Brotherhood would say, ad victoriam.