The Most Devious of Licks


   In the past few days, the TikTok “devious lick” trend has swept across the internet, prompting the theft of increasing amounts of school property all over the country. Even though it all started with some stolen paper towels and small items, it has certainly escalated beyond that point. This trend has even reached Liberty North with the rumored disappearance of a vice-principal’s car tire, the removal of a stall door, a urinal, and a stolen girl’s bathroom sign, in addition to a confirmed removal of a soap dispenser in the 500s. To combat this increase in crime and the probable stress that our superintendents are under, multiple boy’s bathrooms including the ones located in the cafeteria and the 900s wing have been closed off. Teachers and school employees have been posted in front of these bathrooms monitoring and redirecting students to the bathrooms that remain open. These restrictions at our school mirror what many other schools in Missouri and other states have implemented as this trend causes an unknown amount of dollars in damage. At this time, there have been no announcements from Liberty North faculty about possible repercussions that students could face for stealing Liberty North property, but I could only assume that the punishment for students that are caught would be quite severe. I do urge our student body to please think before choosing to participate in this trend. Even if it brings you a little bit of internet fame, it could also get you expelled or even a mark on your permanent record. In conclusion, students do not want to have to be escorted to the bathroom or loose basic privileges that adults should have. Don’t do it.