Taylor Swift Midnights album review

Taylor Swift Midnights album review

On August 28, Taylor Swift made a public announcement at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards. On October 21st, 2022, she would drop her 13th album, “Midnights.” Shortly after her announcement, she publicized it on Instagram: “Midnights, the stories of 13 sleepless nights scattered throughout my life, will be out October 21st. Meet me at Midnight.” After almost a 2 month-long wait, Swift released “Midnights” and we (Laycie and Kaitlyn)  have been quick to break down every inch of them.


Lavender Haze-

  • Kaitlyn: This is definitely going to be a radio pop hit. It’s catchy and a good one but not exactly my style. Also, what is lavender haze? What are we getting off our desks? No one knows and I’m lost in the non-existent plot. Overall though, I like it.
  • Laycie: Love. good, happy, and lovey vibe kinda upbeat 


  • Kaitlyn: She paints a really beautiful picture with this song, but it’s pretty overlooked.
  • Laycie: At first I did not like it at all but now I think it is really good but still slower than my favs. I love how throughout all her songs love has been read and now is deeper but once it was golden.


  • Kaitlyn: This song seems to be very relatable across social media, and honestly, it’s a bop. I do love the concept. However, Swift’s millennial shines when she says “It’s me, hi, I’m the problem.” For some reason, I find it cringy, and pick me. Same thing with her referencing “teatime.” That’s a little middle school, don’t we think? Also, can we talk about “sometimes I feel like everybody is a sexy baby” because WHAT is that line? Upon further review I understand, but it’s still an awkward talk-over-the-line when it plays when your parents are in the car kind of line. However, I adore how Swift paints pictures with her music, and the “depression working the graveyard shift” verse was very creative. Why did we randomly start talking about the murderous daughter in laws too? I thought these were based on her personal sleepless nights…
  • Laycie: Love it because it’s the best but I know I’m gonna get tired of it because I already overplay it.  I love how personal she gets but like a sexy baby? I mean the more I listen to it I understand it more like pretty people and she feels out of place but like a really sexy baby.

Snow on the Beach-

  • Kaitlyn: I, among other Lana Del Ray fans, believe that Swift should have announced the collaboration as “featuring Lana Del Ray’s breathing” as opposed to “featuring Lana Del Ray” because, honestly, she did nothing but breathe in the background. Not even a verse. Come on Tay. But the song is good and more of what I was looking for. The slow songs are boring at first, but the more I listen to the words the more I end up loving them.
  • Laycie: THIS MADE ME WANNA SEE SNOW ON THE BEACH! I don’t know if it’s real but I mean it’s gotta be right. I feel like it is very poetic not folklore level but good but then she’s like snow on the beach pretty but weird

You’re on Your Own, Kid-

  • Kaitlyn: Definitely a favorite. THIS IS GIVING ME RED AND I EAT IT UP. Fun and catchy but deep with meaning and plot. “I GAVE MY BLOOD, SWEAT, AND TEARS FOR THIS.” Yes, queen sing!
  • Laycie: So relatable I love  it so much and I can already tell it’s going to be so overlooked because I already forget about it

Midnight Rain-

  • Kaitlyn: I actually like this one. It’s catchy and the overdone auto-tune has actually grown on me.
  • Laycie: Another one that has a little more energy and I just love it. It is just Taylor Swift of hers singing this song.


  • Kaitlyn: This is SO relatable to my own life so I really enjoy it. It’s also super catchy and it just gives “classic” Taylor song. I love this one.
  • Laycie: for me not relatable at all but it has such a good beat. And it’s another one of the higher-energy songs.

Vigilante Sh*t-

  • Kaitlyn: Personally I can’t stand Swift’s “baddie” and “edgy” songs. I will not be elaborating. Also, unlike Folklore, I feel like Taylor in this album cusses like a middle schooler who was just granted swearing privileges. Like just to be edgy.
  • Laycie: MY FAVORITE! Lemme just… “don’t be sad, get even” is literally my new mantra. Such a girl boss song. Kinda the same note the whole time but the bridge is my fav.


  • Kaitlyn: This is good. I mean, there’s not a lot to say. I would never scream my heart out to this song or cry to it or turn it on for karaoke but I’d walk into a party if this was playing, you know?
  • Laycie: I love it but I’m going to overplay it and end up not liking it but for now it’s like happy and kinda got a bit of revenge and upbeat and fun but still lighthearted.


  • Kaitlyn: TBH my mom sent me these lyrics after my first breakup so it has a cute little spot in my heart. I like it and it’s cry-worthy.
  • Laycie: Such good lyrics and totally giving a folklore vibe but it’s too slow for me. But the Oh no I think i’m falling in love part just hits different


  • Kaitlyn: This is Vigilante Sh*t part two. It’s so unrelatable and cringes. It’s kind of a vibe, but I just can’t really get behind it. “Lately I’ve been dressing for revenge” … yikes girl…
  • Laycie: I know it cringes but I think it’s so funny and I love it because it’s fun and upbeat. And another great revenge song that definitely boosts confidence

Sweet Nothing-

  • Kaitlyn: THIS is giving deep Folklore and to be honest, I dig it. Again, slow songs take slower to grow on me, but once I know the words, it’s over for y’all.
  • Laycie: This song is so cute and it makes me love whoever she wrote it about so much. It like the perfect love story that offers safeness


  • Kaitlyn: This is baddie energy again but it does actually not cringe. I like it.
  • Laycie: ANOTHER FAV! It’s like she wanted him from the beginning just for unholy reasons but in the end he knew her so well he knew what she was trying to do the whole time and the end = love.

Kaitlyn: Honestly, I’m a Speak Now, Red, Folklore kind of girl. I love the deep, storytelling, emotional, thoughtful music that Swifthas released and despite my harsh critique, I do really love Taylor Swift. I’m not a fan of that 1989, reputation radio-pop “edgy” Taylor Swift, and that’s what she was catering to in this album. While I didn’t enjoy the album as much as I have her other music, I have no doubt it will grow to be very successful. I guess you could say, it’s me. I’m the problem. It’s me.

Laycie: Taylor Swift is so dynamic and has so much talent which is obvious if her Grammies have anything to say about that. Taylor Swift is the music industry.