It’s Just A Little Nightmare


Hi, I’m Bryson Prindle. I’m a junior here at LNHS and this is Prindle’s Perspective. Here I will talk mostly about things going on with movies, games, and other stuff that I enjoy. You can expect a lot of talk over Fortnite updates, and new Fallout content (Most likely 76), as well as Marvel, DC, and Star Wars movies or tv series.

Fortnite is widely known for its events, the live and cinematic ones. The game even has events that occur seasonally like our topic this time, this year’s Fortnitemares. Let’s take a quick look through the past Fortnitemares events and see how this spooky tradition has evolved. We will go back to Chapter 1 Season 1 and work our way up until we reach now, Chapter 3 Season 4.

2017, Season 1. The first Fortnitemares was different than what we are used to. It did make Fortnite spooky and added all these cool skins and items, except it was for Save The World, Fortnite’s campaign mode. It featured a new mission type, 9 spooky-themed heroes, and 3 new weapons, the Candy Corn LMG, the Grave Digger, and the Jack-O-Launcher. Season 6 was themed solely on Fortnitemares 2018 and featured the event in Battle Royale with spooky-themed items all over the battle pass. We received new skins, and new weapons, they also gave us enemies to fight known as Cube Monsters. These creatures were created when Kevin The Cube’s floating island blew up in the middle of Leaky Lake.

Now 2019 was during Chapter 2 Season 1 where we got, as always, new skins. We also saw the return of old LTMs(Limited Time Game-Modes) and weapons. This season also gave us the first boss fight, The Storm King. Fortnitemares 2020 was just like 2019s except instead of The Storm King we fought Shadow Midas and when you died you would become a Shadow Monster. 2021 and 2022 were almost the same, giving new skins and bringing back old weapons and LTMs, except 2022 gave us a new mythic weapon called the Howler Claws, which works very similarly to the Wolverine Claws from Chapter 2 Season 4. We also got 2 new bosses, The Inkquisitor, a demon that you can summon underneath Grim Gables, and Willow, an axe-wielding ghost who can be found at Willow’s Haunt a little ways away from the Reality Tree. I think that basically wraps it all up.

Now that we have gone through the past of Fortnitemares, which was better? Personally, I loved Fortnitemares 2019. I was always fighting The Storm King. Although 2021 gave us my favorite spooky-themed skin, Driftwalker, so not sure which to pick here. However, this Fortnitemares seems to be doing pretty good so far. We will just have to wait and see. Have a happy Halloween and defeat those bosses, who knows what havoc they could release onto the island if you don’t.