I Hate Ya Papi

Baileigh Arant, Reporter

Jennifer Lopez’s new song is literally terrible.  I don’t really mind J-LO, but this song is painful to listen to. First off, why are you referring to your significant other as Papi? That’s so disgusting and weird.

I feel so awkward when I hear the song, and especially the music video. J-LO should not be calling anyone Papi what so ever. I feel really uncomfortable and want to cry each time she says it.  In my opinion, JLO should be writing music that is less irritating, and spend time writing music that people actually want to listen to. The only thing this song has going for it is that it is very catchy and will most likely get stuck in your head.

My advice to you is don’t buy this song, don’t listen to this song, and better yet don’t even mention the existence of this song ever again. I luh ya Papi? More like I hate ya papi.