Lyba Khawar

September 13, 2019

   To many fifteen-year-olds, the idea of college and a career is a long way down the road, and the focus is solely on making it through the first semester of sophomore year. However, sophomore Lyba Khawar already has some ideas and is making moves to prepare for the future.

   “I’ve always been interested in writing about how I feel in the moment. Not like a diary, but writing about myself and experiences to look back on. People write about their lives, and seeing them go from one person to another person is really cool to me,” Khawar said.

   Khawar has made the decision to start signing up for elective classes that may lead her to something that she may consider doing in the upcoming years.

   “Last year I took art and culinary arts to get those out of the way and this year I took journalism to see if I’m interested in writing,” Khawar said.

   Another possible career path for her is medicine or psychology because she is interested and willing to put in the work required.

   “I think it’s so interesting how something simple like a dream is so interesting and people are so different. I’ve always known that I wanted to go into the medical field… so I’ve always kinda been open to… how long it takes,” Khawar said.

   Khawar is excited about college and the freedom and independence it brings with it, even more so if she is able to go out of the state as she wants.

   “It would be like a new chapter of my life…I feel like I would have more opportunities without parents or siblings or other things at home. A new space would give me a new perspective and better space to clear my mind before college,” Khawar said.

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