Humans of Liberty North: Natalee Couch


Dylan Sears, Reporter

Freshman Natalee Couch likes to protect and take care of her friends, and she also likes to meet new people when she gets the chance.

“I met Hannah because her brother and I are dating,” Natalee Couch said.

Couch likes to meet new people, and they mean a lot to her.

“Hannah means a lot to me because I can be myself around her. She makes me smile, and is always there for me. Most of all she is herself, she never tries to be someone else,” Couch said.

Couch likes to take care of all of her friends, so she asked her classmates to write a nice note to Hannah.

“I wanted the class to write the notes to Hannah so she knew she was not alone, and she didn’t have to face this hard time alone. I wanted her to have a little light in her life,” Couch said.

Friendship means a lot to Couch because she wants to be there for them when they are going through a rough time.

“Friendship means being a helping hand, being there, being loving and trustworthy, but also friendship means no one is left behind,” Couch said.

It’s important to her that all people feel included.

“I’m always there for people when they need someone, and I am very trustworthy. I always invite people to come sit with me and talk even if I don’t know them,” Couch said.

Couch is not all just about caring but she is also a fun person too.

“What my friends and I like to do for fun is prank calls, makeup, and watch a bunch of scary movies,” Couch said.

Couch loves laughing with her friends and just wants to have a great time.

“Hannah and I like to laugh a lot. My friends, Hannah and I played yellow door, red door. She and I kept laughing when the point of the game was not to,” Couch said.