Humans of Liberty North: Meadow Robertson


With self image, others around you are a heavy influence. I decided to take a look at the people I surround myself with, and their takes on me. With a small circle of family and friends, I’m tightly knit with all of them.

“If I had to describe Meadow in a few words it would probably be a law-abiding anarchist. Never have I met someone so imaginative, rebellious, and full of goals while still being terrified to correct the server when they get her meal wrong,” Sophomore Megan Fort said. 

Being childhood best friends, she has seen all the wrinkles that I have ironed out over time. Growing and changing for the better of five years. 

“We only really got close entering middle school, sort of clinging onto one another as we were thrown into a setting of strangers,” Fort said.

In sixth grade, Megan and I had the same advisory room. With us previously from the same primary school, that was the foundation of our relationship. We compared schedules, having our first period, gym, together. Along with third period math.

“She’s terrible at interacting with strangers. She has a habit of people-pleasing and letting her anxiety guide her reactions and conversations. It makes me sad when I meet people who have a completely different idea of her, as she really is a total softie who daydreams all hours of the day,” Fort said. 

In seventh grade I believe, Megan and I saw the feature film A Quiet Place, together. We sat outside the theater waiting for her father to pick us up. A group of boys were walking in, and me being me, I said, ‘I like your socks.’ I have no recollection of why I said it, I’m convinced my mouth moves before I think of what is coming out. 

“Meadow is a person that is fearless but also reserved. She always wants to do what’s right by also always voicing her opinion,  Mrs. Farrell said. 

As quiet as I am in most classes, Mrs. Farrell gives a lot of open and positive energy. I feel safer to be honest and myself. I ask questions, I actually bother to engage in what we are learning. 

“She has a fantastic sense of humor and always brings a smile to my face. Her outlook on things is always honest and she is a creative genius,” Mrs. Farrell said. 

I always try to be optimistic, even on very dark days. I’m also very blunt and truthful with people, trying to be as helpful as I can be. 

 “Meadow has a contagious personality and I enjoy having her in class,” Mrs. Farrell said.