Humans of Liberty North: Dylan Sears

Cameron Devlin, Reporter

Freshman Dylan Sears has spent the last few weeks creating art to help a girl with cancer pay for treatments and know that she’s not alone.

“Natalee was my friend from last year and then three or fourth months ago, she was in my same math class,so she just stood up and said,”Hey can you write a nice note so my friend knows she’s not alone in this, cause she has cancer.”Freshman Dylan Sears said.

From there Dylan was able to take it a step farther, and not just make cards but to sell his paintings for money, to help a girl fighting with cancer. But this isn’t something Sears has been doing for a long time; it’s all a recent new thing– selling and spray painting.

“Probably like the second month after we got back from school ,because of covid. I just saw it on youtube and was like ‘Oh it’s cool, I wanna try it’ “, Sears said.

So it was the perfect timing of starting something new and being able to help someone in need out. He was able to advertise around the school and get the word out about his painting and why he was doing it.

“ I told the people on KNET that they could either email me, or they could find me in person if they can. And also you could look on my instagram where I post all the paintings there,” Sears said.

Even though this is a recent thing for Sears,  is it something he enjoys enough to take farther in life. 

“Where you take spray paint and paint it on the wall–I think it would be cool to do that and make cool designs like graffiti,”  Sears said.

Spray paint is a different medium to work with when creating art. Since this was something Sera has recently come upon ,I wanted to know if he painted or used anything else when making his art.

“ I do sometimes have a paint right now that someone requested for a cherry blossom tree. So if it’s something like that, that I can’t actually spray paint, then I’ll probably use spray paint.”Sears said.

The last thing Sears shared is something more personal or deep–who he looks up to the most, and someone who influences him in life that has played a part of him being him.

“I don’t really have one ,can I say a youtuber tho? Markiplier–he’s just a really fun guy,” Sears said.

Dylan’s Instagram, if you want to buy a painting:dylansears287