Fortunate Fridays (1/20/2023)


Mak Morgan, General Manager

Happy Fortunate Friday everyone! In Eagle’s View, we are always so fortunate to the people who read our newspapers, support our work and our studies, and of course, we are so fortunate for our staff! For the rest of the year, we will be spotlighting many of our North Staff for everything they’ve done for us. Today, we have David Fulkerson from History/Social Studies! We are so fortunate for you Mr. Fulkerson!

About your family:

DF: Coming up in January, my wife and I will be celebrating our 30-year anniversary, we have 2 children, both in college, one in St. Louis and one at a state university in Kansas.

What are your favorite hobbies?

DF: I like landscaping, working in my yard, and especially incorporating native plants into it, I enjoy riding bikes with a buddy of mine, we hit the trails together. I like to read and binge-watch on Netflix.

Sports (watching or playing)?

DF: I’m getting up there, my wife tried for a long time to prohibit me from playing basketball but I ignored her until I tore my meniscus, so riding bicycles is my athletic outlet now. I like playing tennis as well. I watch all the big sports in the area, KC Chiefs and KC Royals as well as basketball and football from my alma mater.

Where are you from?

DF: I was born in Downing California, in LA county, and my parents decided when I was fairly young that they didn’t want to raise a family in that big of a city, so they struck out, my dad he’s a woodworker and he was going to work at a place like SDC in Arkansas and my dad went to see the job that wasn’t a real job at all, and so then we stayed in Kansas which is where I spent my formative years. I went to a really small school, with 44 kids in my graduating class. Which was actually really cool, because if you’re in one thing you’re in everything, I did choir, I did band, I played all the major sports, I was a thespian and played in all the plays so it was really a good experience.

What brought you to North?

DF: I got a job at LHS, and I really enjoyed this school district so we moved our entire family from the Shawnee Mission school district to here in liberty and then they redistricted and it moved my children to North, just a conversation with one of the teachers up here one day and there was an opening and they said you should apply and both my kids would be going here so it sounded really good.

Who are you fortunate for?

DF: There’s a lot of people, I’m fortunate for my wife and my family, they’re very supportive, and everything. I’m fortunate for… this is gonna sound corny but I really like my students too. I enjoy interacting with the students and appreciate the effort that they give in class. I know it’s not always easy but I do enjoy teaching. I’m very fortunate for my family and my students but in different ways.

What is your favorite part of your job?

DF: Interacting with students, getting to know them, seeing them develop and grow, and gaining skills that are important in life. And some of the subjects I teach, a lot of students don’t really have a passion for the government but I hope that over the course of the year, they gain an appreciation for how it is set up and how to navigate the system and what the things are to be a good citizen.