The Wonders of the Library

September 30, 2018

The library is a place for people to find books and hang out, but it is also provides as a host for many events for school and other organizations.

“There are many different special events here, and it isn’t just our space. Like on the 19th, the Breakfast for the Experts for the district were here. It is used as a facility for our community in ways that it can help our kids. I love the fact that it is used for so many different purposes. It’s not just for checking out books. Though we do love to help kid find books that they will love,” librarian Connie King said.

Many students who use the library love it. They say it is a great place to hang out and that the librarians are very helpful.

“I love the café area because you can still read books and relax. It’s really comfortable and you can always get snacks and drinks like hot chocolate. I also use  the library it to study and do the homework I miss, and to find amazing books,” freshman Jessica Emmett said

Though many students really like to use the library, others think that a few select things could be improved.

“I love the atmosphere that the librarians provide. They are always very helpful and thoughtful. They have a very orderly and good selection of books. But, the seating could be a lot better, we love hanging out in their but it could be a lot cozier. Personally, I feel exposed. There should be more chairs in the corners,” freshman Kate Karmen said.


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