Festive Family Fun

December 12, 2018

 For the past four years, members of the Pleasant Valley Baptist Church have been organizing the Liberty Light Show in their parking lot during the holiday season. The three terms that most often come up in conversation about the show are festive music, dancing lights, and family entertainment.

“Getting the lights to match the music takes a lot of time and effort. We start working on that very early in the year. It’s always a fun thing to put together and it’s amazing seeing all of our hard work and sweat when we watch the show,” senior Michael Fuller said.

   This year, the first two weeks showcased musicians and singers from the community playing the festive music live for each show after they spent two months preparing the performance.

  “This year was the third year I had been apart of the light show. My favorite part, as a musician, was being able to spend time with people that I normally don’t hang out with. Between practices preparing for the show and the actual show, you really get to know everyone that’s apart of it. Also, it’s fun to groove around while playing the four songs all night,” junior Aaron Stockman said.

 The live show was performed five times a day on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for the first two weeks. Now, citizens can tune in to 90.5 FM and enjoy the automated show, which plays from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm, up until the day of Christmas.

   “I really like the light show because it’s different from anything else in the Liberty or Kansas City area. It’s also really cool to see people you know be apart of the production and give back to the community. I’ve gone every year since it started and have gone three times already this year. It just gets better every time I see it,” senior Olivia Zylstra said.

 The holidays are a busy season, so not everyone has the opportunity to watch the colorful, drive-through show.

 “I haven’t been able to go see the show this year, but I’ve seen it when I drive by and the dancing lights look amazing, even from afar. In my opinion, people should try to go see the live music show. It’s cute seeing all of the musicians in the boxes having fun and dancing to the music throughout the show,” senior Ava Ward said.

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