Competitive Theatre

October 10, 2018

 Liberty North has many unique classes that students can take. These classes may not be known to all the students. One of these classes is Competitive Theatre

  “[Competitive Theater is] A course design for students that want to perform often and in more of a competitive forum,” Competitive Theatre teacher Mrs. Lenger said.

  In this class, students can perform a number of things. A few are HI (humorous interpretation), DI (Dramatic Interpretation), poetry, prose, and duo. All of these are performed differently. Students in this class perform these acts at tournaments on the weekends.

  “There will be anywhere from 4-50 schools competing.  Students will have 2 rounds of competition and the top 12 in each event advance to Semifinals, and then the Top 6 to Finals.  The Top 6 are recognized at Awards,” Lenger said.

  Knowing that the class is about having fun and performing competitively, some students want to know if this class looks good on a college application.

  “Speech and Debate on a college application will tell them that you have problem-solving skills, know how to research, propose and defend an argument, and speak in front of people,” Lenger said.

  Along with looking good for college, this class can help in another way. Being a student, it is hard to know what is going on in the news and in the real world when focusing on school work. Competitive theatre helps broaden students horizons.

  “We concentrate on what is really going on in the world in order to engage our audiences,” Lenger said.

  Competitive Theatre’s first tournament is on October 13th. These students have been preparing since the beginning of the year and Lenger has one key thing to have during tournaments.

  “Confidence!” Lenger said


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