Image from: Sarunas Burdulis


When is TOO Soon for Christmas Decorations?

December 13, 2019

   With the holiday season in full swing and Christmas rapidly approaching, the neighborhoods throughout Liberty are starting to glow (literally). Christmas lights and yard decorations are becoming more and more common to see when driving around the city at night. Although they are pretty and indicate the holiday season, the debate on when they should go up still continues. 

   On one side of the argument, some argue that these decorations are for the season, and don’t only represent Christmas. They say that having a Christmas tree up for thanksgiving is traditional and the lights are a big compliment to the holiday. Many families take their family pictures for their Christmas cards on thanksgiving, and therefore they need a somewhat Christmassy background. 

   On the other side, people argue that the holidays should be separate, and that putting up any Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving takes away from the tradition of Thanksgiving. These people usually argue that the day after Thanksgiving is the perfect time for the decorations to go up.

   Although there is almost always a resolution to an argument, this one is one that will most likely stick around for years to come. People will continue to do what they believe is right in regards to decorating for the holiday season regardless of this debate. 

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