Technology in Schools

October 1, 2018

Unpopular opinion…computers should not be in schools.

At Liberty North High every student is given a MacBook. Through the years this has been moved down to the middle school and elementary schools. In elementary school, K-2 gets IPads that are just filled with games, and when 3-7th graders received chrome books, they are typically broken.

These laptops give tremendous opportunities when they work. I have found that when our devices actually work then we can do great things, but most of the time our computers are not working. It is either the wifi is overwhelmed or the websites are blocked.

I can recall several times our teacher has given the classroom an assignment and sometimes even tests and the computers fail to work. This leaves the students behind and left with nothing to do lose out on a day of education.

Alongside them not working ever, what about the value of nature? I’m not sure if it is just me, but when I was in elementary school being outside and hands-on was the only way to learn. The kids are glued into their devices doing modules and labs that should be done in nature. Those kids in kindergarten that will always have had some sort of device are going to have no clue what it feels like to connect their five senses to the labs. Students are losing valuable learning days and a connection with our earth.

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