Prom 2019: Juniors and Seniors Only

March 5, 2019

   Prom is supposed to be the most magical night of your life. Students pay hundreds of dollars on dresses, transportation, tickets, and dinner. As of right now only juniors and seniors are allowed to go to the dance, but recently there has been talk about including all grades.

   I personally believe that this takes away the whole experience for the upperclassmen. This dance is a chance for the upperclassman to make memories with the class they will graduate with. Alongside that, if all grades were able to go, the prom would be no different that homecoming. I think it is important for the upperclassmen because these are the kids you have been with for so long now and they can celebrate together.

   On a more practical side, juniors and seniors can typically drive, prom isn’t at the school, and no transportation is offered. Lastly, it’s at the end of the year and is sending the seniors off with one last high school memory.

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