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Dr. Jacobs Most Impactful Moment

September 19, 2019

Dr. Jacobs has been an educator for a long time at different schools, affecting different students, teachers, and families. He has impacted our community in many ways as a principal and as a person in general. Dr. Jacobs will certainly be missed, but his accomplishments will be remembered at Liberty and Liberty North High School.

This begs the question; what is Dr. Jacobs most impactful moment or movement at Liberty North High School? I say, that his most impactful moment or movement is not something specific, but simply his involvement in every single club, organization, team, or group at our school.

I see his involvement in extracurriculars his most impactful movement at Liberty North because of the way it makes the students feel about their clubs or teams. Dr. Jacobs shows his support not only through approving a club or team, but by actually going to events, games, meetings, competitions, and matches. He gives students involved a sense that someone cares and that what they are doing is important to the school and to the community. For a lot of students, the feeling of having an adult or person above them care about what they are doing is extremely important.

Another reason of why I think that this is his most impactful movement is because it shows that he is a great leader. A thing that a leader has to do, is to see his “followers” or students perspective of things to understand how to lead properly.

Dr. Jacobs sees the side of students in the classroom and in extracurriculars where students are most likely having more fun, which is extremely smart in opinion. To really get to know students you have to see them in their “natural habitat,” to see how he can change to be a better leader for Liberty North students specifically.

Overall, Dr. Jacobs does a wonderful job of being involved with our student’s extracurriculars, making them feel important, and getting a better perspective of the students that he is leading. This is an extremely smart and useful tactic as a principal and as a leader in general. I hope that our future leaders will continue to do this for our students, making them feel right at home here at Liberty North.

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