Burn The Stage: A Heartfelt Movie Review

November 16, 2018

   I went to see BTS’s new movie, Burn The Stage in theatres last night. I’ve only been a fan for around eight months now, a much shorter period of time than other fans, but I love the boys like I’ve been here since they debuted in 2013. I remember watching the Youtube Red series when it came out in May, anticipating every new episode each week, giddy whenever the notification popped up on my phone. When they announced that they were going to be doing a movie, an extended version of the series, a more personal look into their lives as the biggest boyband on the planet, I actually think I remember screaming.

   I told my mom that she needed to make room in her schedule because there was no way we were not seeing the movie. I hadn’t got tickets to see them in October when they were in Chicago and this was probably the closest that I was going to get until I can actually afford five hundred dollar concert tickets.

The movie was absolutely amazing. The Youtube series was more so like a documentary, a showcase of an average activity-filled day for BTS, but the movie was like a diary entry. The fans got to see a side of the boys that they didn’t see very often – we got to see not BTS, not the group that charts in the top ten on the Billboard Hot 100, not the biggest boy group in the world but instead seven boys enjoying life in their 20s. It was so refreshing to see them in a rare moment of relaxation, a moment where they could just take a deep breath and enjoy each other’s presence, which I’m sure was like a breath of fresh air after enduring the things that they do every day.

   I laughed and cried in equal amounts. My heart swelled and broke all at once. My favorite part of the movie, though, was the fact that the relationship between ARMY and the boys was the focal point of the entire film. They continuously mentioned how they never thought they’d achieve the things that they’ve achieved today, and how they owe it all to the fans. The part that hurt was the fact that they kept thanking us and kept saying that they knew all of this would come to an end someday. It’s as if they’re always ready to say goodbye and it left my heart aching in the worst way possible. It even got my mother, the most stoic person I know, to laugh and shed a few tears.

   In the eight months that have seemingly flown by that I’ve been listening to them, watching their performances and interviews, I’ve come to love them tremendously and connect to them on levels that I’ve never been able to connect with any other artist before.

 To wrap up this review, the movie was phenomenal and I 10/10 recommend. My mom walked in not knowing what the heck she was getting into and walked out being a fan. That’s the power of BTS and their uncanny ability to make someone fall in love with them in a matter of minutes because of their sheer humbleness is one of the many reasons I love them. As someone who struggles with depression, their music continuously gets me through my worst days, reminding me that I never walk alone. I walked out of the theatre loving them even more, wanting to be a better person for those around me but most importantly for myself. I realized that I’m grateful for them in the same way that they’re grateful for me. They’ve changed my life for the better and I can’t wait for the many years to come and the memories that I’ll share with them. 

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